Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emma Is 10 Months!

Well, its been a while! Today is Emma's 10 month birthday & its hard to believe that in just 2 short months, she'll be 1!!! Ahhhhh!!! I dont want her to grow up, she's already too big. She is standing on her own for 10 seconds at a time, sometimes longer! She took her first tiny step from the computer desk to the chair (without FULLY letting go), but it was enough for me to scream & clap for her! LOL
                                               This Is Her On Her Way Down...

Pinto beans & cornbread are her favorite table food, along with cooked carrots & potatoes! Emma has 1 tiny tooth that popped through her bottom gum a week ago! When I woke her up from her nap today, I noticed that there was drool on the crib rail... When I looked down, there was a scrape on the wood that looked just tiny enough to be a little baby tooth. Yep, sure enough, shes eating the wood on her crib!

I got a new Canon camera but havent quite figured it all out yet. I just know it takes awesome pictures if you have the lighting right! I am in love with it...As for the whole family, we're all doing great! We get our new furniture sometime in March, so we wont have to watch TV on our guest room mattress that we brought down to the living room! We bought a caramel colored sectional & hopefully it looks good with the rest of our dark furniture! We will be heading to Arizona also in March for Adams dads birthday. My Daddys birthday is the 17th & Emma got him a surprise since we wont be in Georgia until April! Its cuuute, cant wait to share it with yall.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning,  Adam woke Emma up early, on accident he says... Yeah right!  Even though she didnt really know what was going on, we all had fun! Once she opened a present, she just wanted to play with it (or the paper, it didnt matter) & wasnt interested in the next present! LOL She got a lot of nice things! Thanks to all who sent gifts. Her most favoite was the Raggady Ann doll from Maw Maw White. She tried really hard to rip her eyes off. Every year Adam & I say we're not exchanging presents... I got 2 cds & 2 dvds LOL & he got a picture frame with pictures by Nicole Cleghorn in it! Maybe one year we'll really stick to our word. We also go to spend a little of our Christmas day with Mimi & Papa via Skype. What would we do without that?!! So that was a special touch to Emmas 1st Christmas. Instead of the traditional Ham & fixings, we had lasagna. It was my first time making it, so I was a little scared, it turned out delicious! So all in all, our first Christmas with Emma turned out great!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time...

Well its almost that time of year again, Christmas! Dont forget the real reason for this holiday, Jesus Christ. Lets all take the time to celebrate Him too this Christmas along with being with family, friends & good food. As all of you know, its Emmas 1st Christmas & the only thing that could make her 1st Christmas more special, would be to have my family here with us. But you cant have it all right? On a brighter note, I cant wait to see her open her presents from Santa Claus!!! We were only going to get her 2 presents but she ended up with 5! I dont want her to think thats what Christmas is all about. Shes too young to know either way right now though! So we got, SANTA got her, the developmental toys she needs at this age. & as you can see to the right here, she is also sporting a new Christmas tutu around that has gotten green glitter all over the house, but she loves it! I made this one with the leftover tulle from Morgans (that she still hasnt got)! (I won her birthday tutu in a contest on here! yay!) It looks like there is going to be PLENTY of snow to make for a beautiful white Christmas here in North Dakota!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We had a very nice family vacation in Vermont for Thanksgiving! On the plane ride to Vermont, Emma was perfect, on the way home... Not so perfect! She was VERY bad. (so im not looking forward to going home in April by myself) Emma & I got to meet SO many new family members at our HUGE Thanksgiving FEAST at Uncle David & Aunt Bettys! There were some people she liked & some she didnt. LOL We also go to see some of our family that we havent seen in long time! Emma also got to meet some furry things called "dogs". Im not real sure what they are, so I guess we'll never have one in our house! It snowed while we were there, but nothing like here. The weather was in th 30's, somedays even in the 40's! Grandpa Phil was also able to  make Emma a little souvenir. She was asleep the entire process but she LOVED it when she woke up! What a special gift.
We had a special girls shopping day with my cousin Laura & her baby girl Morgan! Oh what fun that was, so many girls! We all squeezed into a photo booth for a nice picture... My mom said I was heavy LOL
All in all, this was a fun trip! Great time with family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The holidays are coming right up! I get to celebrate my favorite holiday in just 2 weeks, Thanksgiving! Not only do I get to celebrate my favorite holiday,but I get to see my mom! What else could you ask for?! Emmas 7 month Birthday will be in while we're in Vermont for Thanksgiving, so more people can celebrate her Birthday with her! Its usually just the two of us eating an ice cream sandwich & I think all of you have seen the video of how that normally goes down!
Here is an update of Emmas accomplishments for those of you who dont see her:
She Loves Carrots
She Drinks From A Sippy Cup or Your Cup If You Hold It
She Sits Up Alone
She Is Almost Crawling
She Log Rolls Around The Living Room
She Likes To Pinch Noses
She River Dances In Her Bouncer

Thursday, November 4, 2010

About Our Family

Emma, Tanya & Adam

Adam & I will have been married 2 years On December 22, 2010. He has given me a life I had only dreamed of 4 years ago & is the best husband a girl could ask for. Adam has changed my life in so many ways that I dont even know who I was before I met him. We have a beautiful little girl who amazes us every day. (Adam finally accepts her for being a girl) She is our world, everything we do, we do it with her needs first. We live in North Dakota, far far away from our famillies, which makes us that much stronger as our own family. We only have each other in this day to day thing called life & we learn new things about each other everyday. We Are The Paini's Of North Dakota...